There are trips conventional.
We travel every corner of the destination visited, to lean towards the
adventure, contact with the local culture and the care of the
nature. Remember that we are travelers, not tourists, and we prefer the
experiences before luxuries.

 They are small groups, with a maximum of
fifteen (15) passengers. They are made up of people of different
ages, nationalities and genders who mostly travel alone,
between friends or couples.

Yes, in our adventures always bind
travelers who do not have a relationship prior to the trip, but that however
seek to live adventures, to enjoy experiences and make new

The trips are designed and
intended only for people over 18 years.

It is not necessary to
your physical form is good, but if necessary an attitude
positive and overcoming, as the traveller's life is full of
long trips in the transport of all kinds, simple accommodation,
unforeseen, and physical activities in the natural environment, from
walks to visit cultural places, trekking through the mountains,
cycling, diving, snorkeling, and, in short, a life active in your day-to -
But not everything is a non-stop, and commuters we also have our
moments and days relaxing under a palm tree of any beach
You can check the level of difficulty in the section of each trip,
to see the level of physical demands required.

95% of our
travellers are aged between 18 and 45 years, and they join our travel alone.
Our trips are designed for people with a young spirit and
adventurer regardless of age, provided you have a way
acceptable physical and above all a positive attitude, open and tolerant
with your fellow travellers and with the different cultures and people
with the one that we found along the way.

 The coordinator of the trip will be the leader at all times and will organize and coordinate the details during the trip to ensure that everything works to the

How to travel; about travel; prior to the trip

Documents (visa, id card, passport)

Depending on the place
you are travelling and your nationality, you'll need a valid passport and
you may also need a visa to enter
certain countries, you have to check this in advance
the departure date of your trip. Some countries also
require that passports have between 3 and 6 months before
of the expiration date, so make sure you
check this before booking your trip.

The visas are very important and
essential to enter certain countries. It depends on you be
responsible for and obtain all necessary visas prior to the
output of your trip. This process can be done with our
assistance (if applicable), or by referring to a visa service with
enough in advance to determine if you will need visas and
how to get them. Remember, the visas can take up to 6
weeks and usually charge a fee, so you do not
you should leave this to the last minute.

Health and vaccinations

If you are going to
places such as Asia and Latin America, it is likely that you will need
some vaccinations prior to travel. Contact us if you need
a vaccine and then check with your doctor or
a specialist in travel.

It is very important to be
prepared when it comes to your health, and this includes
any medication that you may need in the way,
as: antihistamines, antibiotics, painkillers, creams,
sprays for mosquitoes, sun creams, etc, Just make sure
pack up all the important stuff in a safe place and
easy-to-access, ideally in your hand luggage.

When you're constantly away from home, the key to
make sure you make the most of your travel experience is
watch what you're eating and drinking, how much movement
're doing, sleeping a decent amount of hours and
taking into account the suggestions of your coordinator. This will
both your physical and mental health are in top
conditions to enjoy the most of your experience.

Depends on the
destination. Contact us if you have interest in any of our

If you have any
type of medical condition, make sure you have a supply
suitable for your medications before you set out on your journey.
You should be aware that many of our trips
require physical activities that may not be the most
appropriate to your needs so let us know about your
medical condition at the time of booking.

To have a disease
it is never ideal, but sometimes it happens when you travel
experiencing new foods and ways of life.
Depending on the severity of your disease, your
Coordinator or Trip Manager will help you to find any
medication or to contact with the medical insurance for you
pay the necessary attention.

It depends on the country of origin and destination, we can check if
you have interest in any destination


You can wear a or
the other, but from experience, we recommend you bring a backpack,
since that is more suited to the type of travel that we do.
We do not recommend using pouch (bag) for road trips.
Our philosophy is to travel with the backpack, as in
many destinations, you may find that the wrong state
the asphalt of the streets make it impossible to use a suitcase or
suitcase and you'll have to carry it in the hand. Our
recommendation is that you carry a good backpack that will make your
travel light, easy and simple.

Health insurance

Yes. There is nothing better
travel easy knowing that if something happens you are
covered and you will receive the best care possible. Therefore, the
safety is one of the foundations of our philosophy.


Those that you move back
and forth from your country of residence to the city of
meeting. We will recommend you the best option
available once we have contacted. Remember that
further in advance you buy your flight, the better the price
you'll be able to get.



Booking a trip is super simple and the best
of all is that you have options. You can book directly
in our website because in the page of every one of the
adventures, you will have an enabled button to book and pay or
you can also contact them by our different pathways
contact to finalize your reservation.

If. Why
limit yourself, right?. Keep in mind that every journey you'll have to
book it individually through our website.


 The amount of reserve
each of the experiences is specified in the
page of each one of them.

You can pay cash or
credit card through the different means of payment

If you book your trip
long before the date of departure, you should only pay for the reservation
or a token and then make sure you pay the total amount within
the established time limits, that is to say, 10 days prior to travel
“Local”, and 45 days prior to departure for travel “By the
If booking 45 days or less before the departure date, at the
case of travel “For the world”, or if you book less than 10
days of the date of the trip in the case of the “Local”, you'll need to
pay the full amount of the trip in advance.

During the trip

Start of the journey

Yes, you can
join the group of travellers, arriving directly to the city
meeting. We will coordinate your arrival with anticipation. We
love to enjoy the cultural exchange!

In the case of the
travel “Local”, the information on the start points and
end of your trip you will send them a few days
prior to each trip.
In the case of travel “For the world”, the meeting point
is the accommodation unless you choose the shuttle service
airport hostel. In this latter case, the meeting point
it will be in the airport.


We stayed in hostels
with a good quality score. The rooms are
comfortable and shared. Remember that could be shelters,
campsites or lodges, according to the destination that we visited.

 Yes, you can choose a
private room in all the trip for an additional cost,
subject to availability. Travelers, in their majority, choose to
shared rooms.


 Depending on the destination
we use private transport or public bus (bus),
taxis, boats, trains; which allows us to reduce the costs of
travel and gives us a real look of the place to enjoy
the travel experience with the local inhabitants.

Yes, these transfers are not included in the trip,
but for each destination we guide and advise you so that
you can reach the hostel of the fastest, safest and

Free time

Yes, within the itinerary there will be
time available for each traveler to enjoy the
places, by their own account, according to your needs and

You decide! This is the
at which time you can get out and explore to create a
real idea of the destination you're visiting. Your coordinator will
give recommendations and advice if you need it.


Yes! Don't worry about
stay connected with all your friends, networks, and
family; almost all of the accommodations in which we
we host offer free WiFi, so that you can be
connected at all times

You can use the free WiFi while we are in the
accommodations, or alternatively you can buy a card
Local SIM when you arrive to your destination to be connected at all

Food and diets

are included in all our trips. Depending on the
destination, we can also include lunches and dinners,
but in general we like to give travelers the freedom of
explore the culture, cuisine, local, and make your own safari

Absolutely, yes! If you have any request
to diet, food allergies or intolerances in particular, you should indicate this
when contacting you from the Voltage prior to your trip.
Our team will do everything we can to meet your
needs. It is also important that at the time of the
trip tell your coordinator for your dietary needs.

As noted
above, you must indicate any allergies when tecontacten from Voltage prior to your trip and you should also
inform your coordinator at the start of the trip. If it is a
allergies that affect the group (for example, an allergy to the
nuts), your travel coordinator will inform the rest of the group
so you do not run any danger.

Dirty Laundry

If. Many of our
accommodations offer laundry facilities. There will be a
small fee for the services of the laundry.
Alternatively, if the accommodation does not have service
laundry your coordinator can help you to find a
local laundry.

After the trip

It totally depends on you and it is not obligatory. If you think that a
coordinator, a driver or a local guide who has done a job
amazing, it's possible that you want to give a tip for this, but this
it is your choice and nobody else's.

we hope you don't get to these, we understand fully that to
sometimes things go wrong, or that perhaps your expectations have not been
met. If this is the case, please send us an e-mail to . After reviewing your case, we will send your
e-mail to the appropriate department, and we will give you
a response and/or resolution as soon as possible.

We love
our travellers share photos of his travels on Facebook
and Instagram, both during and after your adventure. The haceresto, make sure tagging along behind @volateaventura so that
we can share your pictures to our community.

You will be sure that you can! The
end of your trip, you'll have the opportunity to complete a
questionnaire comments that will cover all the elements of your
travel, from how was the coordinator, to the food, the accommodation,
experiences, etc.) is ideal respond in the most
honest and accurate as possible, as this means that we can
improvement, or congratulate our staff for all the things that
they did well.
You will also receive a link that you can follow to leave a
review of your trip that you can share publicly.

When you arrive
home after your trip, it is likely that you're sighing and
missing your travel companions. You have probably already
exchanged social networks with the majority of your group, but
you can also stay in touch with them through the
group of whatsapp that we create from Voltage to each of the