Get to know the largest salt flat and the highest lake in the world!

One of the countries most authentic

If we propose to visit one of the Latin american countries most authentic around their customs and traditions, without a doubt, Bolivia will be on the podium. The samples of its multiculturalism are to the view and result in its wide gastronomic offer, diverse geography, and the interesting story that has to count.

For nine days the andean country will surprise us giving us a host of beautiful landscapes. We'll start by walking through the historic old town of Peace and we will see part of their ancestral customs in the Witches ' market. Enjoy the gastronomy, the arts and crafts and will be part of any of the rituals typical.

Also, we will arrive at Copacabana and sail on Lake Titicaca to the mythical Island of the Sunwe will be witnesses of the amazing Salar de Uyuni and we will end our adventure by making a spectacular tour in 4×4 through the bolivian altiplano.

So, in Bolivia tradition and originality are merged perfect way for you to provide us with experiences unparalleled. You can join and be part of this adventure where the vastness and austerity will come together to be a part of our journey.

Viaje a Bolivia al Salar de Uyuni, La Paz e Isla del Sol


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Day 1: Welcome to The Peace

Throughout this first day of adventure, we will find all the travellers at the hostel in the city of la Paz. We will be able to know the places closest to our accommodation and prepare for the adventures that await us as we aclimatamos to the height.

Day 2: The beautiful city altiplano of La Paz

In this, the second day in La Paz, the city that touches the sky, we'll be acclimating to its more than 3500 meters of height by using a caminatour in which we will visit some of its most emblematic places such as the amazing Witches ' Market where we see objects and ingredients of the most curious used in ancestral rituals, the Plaza Murillo, which is home to some of the most important buildings of the city such as the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Government Palace. Finally, to close out a spectacular day, we will make a trip in the cable car to reach one of the vantage points of the city, from where we will have incredible panoramic views.

Day 3: To the shores of Lake Titicaca

Early morning we start our journey towards Copacabana, first by road, then a short stretch in a boat to cross the Strait of Tiquina, and then we will continue by land. Past noon we will arrive at Copacabana, located on the shores of the world's highest lake, Titicaca, and in the afternoon we ascend to the Hill of Calvary, where we will have a panoramic view of the city. Later we will go to the centre for a visit to the Plaza February 2, and the Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana. 

Day 4: The majestic Island of the Sun

Very early, after breakfast, we will take the boat that will take us by the Titicaca Lake to the Island of the Sun. We'll go with the baggage just as once in the base of the island, we will begin the picturesque trek ascent to our accommodation. Then you take a break, we'll go to the ruins of the Island of the Sun and to the viewpoint Palla Khasa from where we have one of the best views of the island. 

Day 5: on the Way to the salar

Before noon we will begin to bid farewell to the legendary Island of the Sun and down to the southern harbor to take our boat back to Copacabana. Once on firm ground, we will have time to eat and then continue the trip by bus to the city of Peace. In Peace, we will have a short free time before taking the next bus to take us to the town of Uyuni.

Day 6: The largest salt flat in the world

Before the break of dawn we will be coming to the city of Uyuni. After breakfast we start our tour with the visit to the Train Cemetery. We will visit this place where they find the remains of machinery dating from the late NINETEENTH century and then we will get ready to see the wonderful Salar de Uyuni. We will pass by the Eyes of the Salar and we will meet the first and only Hotel of Salt into the salt. At the end of the day we will have a rest to the people in the altiplano of San Juan. 

Day 7: The stunning lagoons of colors

After breakfast we will begin our second day of our adventure through the highlands. We will pass through the viewpoint of the Volcano Ollague, then we will observe the gaps Cañapa, Hedionda, Honda, Chiarcota and Ramaditas and pass through the Desert Siloli where we find the famous Stone Tree. In the evening we enjoyed the landscape of the Laguna Colorada, which is the gateway to the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve, and we will prepare to spend the night in the shelter that is within the reserve. 

Day 8: The geyser in its maximum expression

This will be one of the longest days of our tour, we will start very early with a visit to the Geysers and then we will enjoy a hot bath's natural Thermal Waters. We will pass by the Desert Dalí where we see various rock formations, and we will continue our tour visiting the Laguna Blanca and Laguna Verde, at the foot of the Volcano Licancabur. We will visit the Valley of Rocks and enjoy the view of the huge and giant blocks of rocks. At the end of the day we will embark our journey by bus to La Paz.

Day 9: We say goodbye

Throughout the day we will be saying goodbye to the travelers and charm in the altiplano. Each one will start to make the journey of return to their country of origin. 

During this day we will be saying goodbye to the charm of bolivia and begin the trip back to our countries of origin.

What's included?

  • Two (02) nights in Peace
  • One (01) night in Copacabana
  • One (01) night on The Island of the Sun
  • One (01) night in San Juan
  • One (01) night in Eduardo Avaroa Reserve (shelter)

It is important to clarify that the rooms are shared mixed exclusively with the group of Voltage. In the shelter is shared with other groups.

  • Transfer in teleférico La Paz – El Alto – La Paz
  • Land transport La Paz – Copacabana
  • Boat transfer to Copacabana – Isla del Sol – Copacabana
  • Land transfer to Copacabana – La Paz – Uyuni
  • Land transport Uyuni – San Juan
  • Land transport San Juan – Eduardo Avaroa Reserve – Uyuni
  • Land transport Uyuni – La Paz
  • A (01) entrance to the cable car of La Paz
  • A (01) walking tour for Peace
  • A (01) trek to Cerro Calvario
  • A (01) input to the Island of the Sun (South)
  • A (01) trekking to the Viewpoint of the Island of the Sun
  • A (01) tour of three (03) days in the Salar de Uyuni, Volcano, Eduardo Avaroa Reserve and Lagoon of Colors with all meals included (does not include entry)
  • Travel insurance for us $ 65.000, includes coverage for COVID-19
  • Organization prior and during the trip
  • Coordinator of Voltage during the journey
  • Local guide throughout the trip
  • Advice on the purchase of air tickets

What is not included?

Lunches, snacks and dinners, are for the account of each traveler. You can choose where and with whom to eat. The budget will depend on the type of place, but are generally estimated USD 20 per day, including lunch and dinner.

  • Input Eduardo Avaroa Reserve – 200 Bs. ($30)
  • Showers: 20 Bs. (3 USD)

For you to travel in company, we can advise you and give you the information about flights in which he travels the majority of the group of travelers and the team of Voltage. Remember that the first and last day of the itinerary, you can arrive or leave at any time.

The requirement of a visa depends on your nationality, so we have to see each particular case. Contact us to give you information on visas, if necessary.

Coordinates with the group to share or you can buy it separately with us.

The tip is usually given to drivers and guides.

Everything else that is not specified in the listing

Viaje a Bolivia al Salar de Uyuni, La Paz e Isla del Sol


Flights needed

Trip requirements

Viaje a Bolivia al Salar de Uyuni, La Paz e Isla del Sol

Frequently asked questions

It has been deleted recently, the need for PCR testing COVID19 and it is sufficient insurance to cover such a disease as that we included.

  •  Backpack small or medium-sized for the day-to-day
  •  Cubremochilas waterproof
  •  Jacket or waterproof jacket and warm
  •  Sun hat and coat
  •  Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  •  Hiking boots or running shoes mountain
  •  Warm clothes

We will be staying in hostels in rooms shared only with the group of Voltage. In regards to the shelter in the National Reserve Eduardo Avaroa, yes it is shared with other groups.

We recommend you to bring around 400 USD approximately for food and other expenses are not included. 

Those who move back and forth from your country of residence to The Peace. We will recommend you the best option available to you once you have contacted. Remember that the higher the advance you buy your flight, the better will be the price that you can get.

If, if you have any request to diet, food allergies or intolerances in particular, you must indicate this when you contact us prior to your trip. That way we can notify the accommodation for you to do everything possible to meet your needs. It is also important that at the time of the trip to tell your coordinator for your dietary needs.

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