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Why travel with Voltage?

Discover a new way of travel

Live your adventure travel trip as a experience full of emotions that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We believe in the details

We plan every moment of the trip so that your you enjoy.

We are travelers by nature

We are travelers, not tourists . That's why we forget the luxuries, and we will seek to explore each destination thoroughly to enrich our experience.

Traveling inexpensively

Enjoy the greatest amount of experience lowest possible price and take advantage of your time to the fullest.

Small groups

Share every moment of the experience with travelers like you, full of curiosities and concerns.

We believe in sustainability

We are always looking to collaborate with ventures and projects that promote the sustainable development of tourism and the environmental education.

Live the destination like a local

We love cultural exchange, by that'll do you to integrate among the local people to interact with them, its culture, cuisine and his philosophy of life.

Multicultural groups

Join the group of travel from the place of the world where it is; we love cultural exchanges.

Advantages of travelling in a group

Why travel in a group?

A group tour is the perfect opportunity to overcome fears, break with the routine and do new things that you never imagined. You can be the star of your own adventure.

You'll have the opportunity to travel in a completely different way to the usual. You'll be able to meet local people and travelers from other parts of the world. You will have travel companions who will become friends.

You'll be able to make the most of your resources and share the greater part of the expenses with your traveling companions, saving your budget and doing more for less.

In all the trips you will be accompanied by people, like you, seek to live experiences closer and authentic. We want you to share stories, moments and emotions, so that when you get home, nothing is the same.

You will always be accompanied by one of our experienced coordinators, we can recommend the best activities to get to know the destination you chose.

Although we believe that to live an adventure, there is no limit of age, the reality is that 95% of our travelers are between 20 and 45 years of age, which makes the groups are restless, dynamic, and fun at all times.

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