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Get to know Machu Picchu, the Desert in Huacachina, and much more!

The other side of Peru

There are unique experiences in life and we are sure that one of them will be on this adventure. Peru it is a rich country for its history, customs, traditions and culture alive, as well as for his great natural diversity. Imagine this: a coastal desert, then a mountains so high, touching the sky, after a jungle dense and moist... and the sea, and intense calm. Beautiful. In each scenario, a different emotion will come to your meeting.

Tendremos tiempo libre para recorrer la ciudad de Lima, one of the few capitals of Latin america, bathed by the sea. Your historic centre with varied buildings, iconic as the Plaza de Armasthe epicentre, with the Church Morethe building of the municipality or Government palace. We will be able to delight in this beautiful city, but we will not stop there as we will visit the dunes Desert of Huacachina and with the adrenaline pumping to the max! as we will board a Buggy dando saltos para dominar  este paraje único y no solo eso, también podremos conocer la Paracas National reserve y  sus cautivadoras Ballestas Islands.

We will immerse ourselves in Cusco to feel the magic that has this mythical valley surrounded by mountains. We'll take you to get to know this city from the inside, leaving us surprise you and catch your cultural diversity. We will walk up to spend the soles of our shoes, we will visit the archaeological sites, more prominent, we'll test to climb big mountains, and do one of the hikes most beautiful in the area. We arrive at the village of Aguas Calientes and we begin to prepare to live a unique experience in the lost city of the incas: Machu Picchu.

Viaja a Cusco Perú para hacer el trekking Salkantay hasta Machu Picchu


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Day 1: Arrival to Lima

Throughout this first day, we will find all the travellers at the hostel of the city of Lima. We will have time to walk the streets of lima, enjoy its gastronomy, world-renowned, enjoy the beautiful view of the Pacific ocean from the Malecon of Miraflores, among the many other deals offered to us in this city. 

Day 2: Desert of Huacachina

Early in the morning we will embark on our journey to the middle of the desert. We will stay in Huacachina, an oasis located in the desert of the Pacific. 

The dunes protect the cultural legacy and history of ancient civilizations, and are also the location of an oasis that seems straight out of a movie. We will be able to delight in this landscape with a ride in a buggy among its dunes, jumps to cross this sea of sand, a thrill ride! 

Day 3: Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we'll prepare for a day full of wonders and more of the magic that we offer Peru. We will then take a trip to the Paracas National Reserve, a coastal line that protects inside various archaeological remains, also housing a large biological diversity, from there we will go by boat to know the Ballestas Islands, discovering their curves, rock formations, and thousands of seals that live there. We can see clearly, on the side of a hill, a huge geoglyph of uncertain origin, called The Chandelier. One of the enigmas that have gotten us accustomed to this area of Peru. Before completion of the day, we will come back to the capital, Lima.

Day 4: Walk Cusco

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we will head to the airport to fly to Cusco. Once there, to go acclimatising to the altitude of cusco, we will have free time to discover this city so old to walk, streets, architecture, earthquake-resistant, remains of palaces, colonial houses, traditional markets, culinary culture, and more, not only from the Inca period, but also of the colonial and republican.. 

Day 5: Sacred Valley 

A lo largo de nuestro quinto día realizaremos un significativo recorrido por el Valle Sagrado de los Incas. Visitaremos Chinchero donde conoceremos una iglesia que data del siglo XVII, una de las primeras edificaciones católicas de Perú. Después, contemplaremos un recinto agrícola perteneciente a los Incas y también a la cultura Killke. Continuaremos nuestro recorrido en Urubamba para disfrutar de un delicioso almuerzo y con las energías renovadas, proseguiremos hasta Ollantaytambo, desde donde tendremos unas vistas magníficas del Valle de los Incas. Finalizaremos la jornada en Písac, uno de los complejos arqueológicos más visitados del valle, en el que veremos los restos de una gran civilización.

Day 6: Cusco to your taste

We will have the day free to explore to taste the area; to continue to enjoy their spectacular corners or to perform some other activity as Laguna Humantay, Mountain of Seven Colors, Mountain Palcoyo, or any other.

Day 7: Famous tracks of the train from the Hydroelectric station

We believe that one of the major attractions and what will make this trip a unique experience, is the path we will walk from Hydroelectric to Aguas Calientes. We will begin the feat. We go into one of the roads most picturesque of our route through the andean country, it will be 4 hours of walking along the train tracks, accompanied at all times by the Urubamba River, or plateau of spiders, a tributary of the Amazon. 

We go through a mixture of mountains and forests, admiring the native animals in their natural habitat and just leaving us to marvel and to be surprised by the landscape that we will find along our way. The road will be hard and stony, however, little by little we will begin to prepare with a mix of mystery and energy for our next day, when you go ahead and login to the imposing Inca fortress.

Day 8: The lost city - Machu Picchu

The eighth day shall be a day of impact. As we have become a custom in this adventure, we will get up early to go on a bus to the fortress of the incas, one of the modern wonders of the world: Machu Picchu. 

We will be able to explore every corner, every stone, escabullirnos in each spot for marvel in the face of such immensity. Then, we'll take the bus back to the village of Aguas Calientes to catch our train back to Cusco. The train trip is something that could not miss on this trip, and we already have the tickets under the sleeve. We will run through the plateau mountainous and jungle through the characteristic sound of the track, and as well as in the movies, we will be able to enjoy our journey with a good book in hand while we recovered from the emotions of the day. 

Day 9: Return to the place of origin

Porque lo lindo de volver de viaje es (re)conocernos en lo aprendido. Siempre es importante regresar al lugar de origen para compartir las vivencias, las fotos y las experiencias que hayamos encarnado a lo largo de nuestra estadía.

During this day we will be firing up the charm in the altiplano, and we will undertake the return trip back to our countries of origin.

What's included?

  • Two (02) nights in Lima
  • One (01) night in Huacachina
  • Four (04) - night in Cusco
  • One (01) night in Aguas Calientes

It is important to clarify that the accommodation is in a hostel with shared rooms, mixed, only with the group of Voltage. Also, the bathroom is also shared.


  • Land transport Lima – Huacachina
  • Land transport Huacachina – Paracas – Lima
  • Land transport Cusco – Hydroelectric
  • Land transport Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes
  • Transfer by Train to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) – Cusco
  • A (01) journey in a Buggy through the Desert of Huacachina
  • A (01) tour Islands Crossbow and Paracas National Reserve
  • A (01) tour to Sacred Valley
  • A (01) trek to Aguas Calientes
  • A (01) Machu Picchu tour
  • A (01) entrance to Machu Picchu
  • Travel insurance for us $ 65.000. Includes coverage for COVID-19
  • Organization prior and during the trip
  • Coordinator of Voltage during the journey
  • Local guide throughout the trip
  • Advice on the purchase of air tickets

What is not included?

Lunches, snacks and dinners, are for the account of each traveler. You can choose where and with whom to eat. The budget will depend on the type of place, but are generally estimated USD 15-20 per day, including lunch and dinner.

For you to travel in company, we can advise you and give you the information about flights in which he travels the majority of the group of travelers and the team of Voltage. Remember that the first and last day of the itinerary, you can arrive or leave at any time.

El precio estimado de los pasajes aéreos para esta aventura es de USD 620.

Coordinates with the group to share or you can buy it separately with us.

No incluye el Boleto Turístico de Cusco y su valor es de 70 soles por persona.

It is customary to tip tour guides and drivers are local.

Everything else that is not specified in the listing


Flights needed

Trip requirements

Viaja a Cusco Perú para hacer el trekking Salkantay hasta Machu Picchu

Frequently asked questions

To avoid the apunamiento or altitude sickness, it is necessary to acclimatize. Therefore, we highly recommend taking the day easy: you don't sobreexigirse, stay hydrated (avoid alcohol) and eating light. The coca tea will be a great ally!

  •  Backpack small or medium-sized for the day-to-day
  •  Cubremochilas waterproof
  •  Jacket or waterproof jacket
  •  Hat or cap to cover the neck
  •  Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  •  Hiking boots or running shoes mountain
  • Sport shoes common

We will stay in hostels with all the necessary amenities, in-room shared only with the group of Voltage. Also, the use of the bathroom is also shared.

For this trip, we recommend you take an approximate of 400 USD, which you can bring in cash. In the destination you will be able to change to the local currency.

Those who move back and forth from your country of residence to Lima and an internal flight back and forth from Lima to Cusco. We will recommend you the best option available to you once you have contacted. Remember that the higher the advance you buy your flight, the better will be the price that you can get.

If, if you have any request to diet, food allergies or intolerances in particular, you must indicate this when you contact us prior to your trip. That way we can notify the accommodation for you to do everything possible to meet your needs. It is also important that at the time of the trip to tell your coordinator for your dietary needs.

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