Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico

¡Prepare to live a Mayan experience and enjoy the pristine beaches of the Caribbean!

An adventure with lots of beach and culture

In this opportunity we will get you live 15 days of adventure for three countries paradisiacal: Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. In the first place, Playa del Carmenthe heart of the Riviera Maya, we will receive you with its beautiful beaches and its cenotes-the amazing turquoise waters. Belize will give you days of rest in the picturesque and quiet Isla San Pedro, while Guatemala we surprise you with a natural wonder as to what is the Crater Blue

We will visit the mayan archaeological sites most important of Guatemala and Mexico: Tikal National Park in the first and Chichen Itza in the second, which is nothing more and nothing less than one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

We will continue our sail across a lagoon of infinite shades of blue Bacalarknowing its cenotes, steps from pirates and great biodiversity. We will close our adventure in Holbox and Isla Mujeresresting on dream beaches and knowing more of the mexican caribbean. 

These experiences and much more await you on this unforgettable adventure.

Viaja a Guatemala, Belice y Mexico a disfrutar de la playa y sus mejores atractivos como Chichen Itza o Tikal


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Day 1: Welcome in Playa del Carmen

Throughout this day we will be finding with the travellers at the hostel in Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen is located approximately one hour from the Cancun airport and is the perfect place to enjoy the good life of mexico in the Riviera Maya. We recommend you to taste typical dishes of the local cuisine and take one (or two) margaritas.

Day 2: underground Adventure in cenotes

On our second day in this beautiful country, you will live a subterranean adventure. We will practice snorkeling in the turquoise waters of three stunning cenotes surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites in a thousand year and we refrescaremos in the same waters that the ancient maya used to log in to your underworld. These waters make up underground rivers that nourish the beautiful Riviera Maya. In the afternoon, we will have free time to enjoy Playa del Carmen as more you want. 

Day 3: We go to Belize

We will rise early to enjoy a delicious breakfast and then we will begin our journey by land and water, to Belize, more specifically, to San Pedro, an island that will give you an ideal environment to rest. We can have a refreshing swim in the sea, a nap on the beach, explore the different tonk bars of the island and enjoy the beautiful sunset, among many other possibilities.

Day 4: Enjoy San Pedro

We will have the day free to explore at taste St. Peter: enjoy your sea paradise, get to know the place in greater depth through a walk, leaving us surrounded by the nature or to perform some other activity that there are offers... for example diving or snorkeling.

Day 5: We are going to Guatemala

After breakfast, we will leave a farewell to San Pedro, to head to our next destination: Flowers, a beautiful municipality of Guatemala city, where we continue our days of adventure. 

Day 6: Famous Crater Blue

After breakfast we will embark on our journey to discover a paradise in the middle of the guatemalan jungle: a crystal clear lake with a vegetation that is very diverse in its interior. It is the famous Crater Blue, a shelter animal's life with a garden underwater without a doubt will leave you without words. We will have time to connect with nature and enjoy the incredible setting before returning to Flowers for a rest at our accommodation. 

Day 7: we Visit the National Park of Tikal

We will wake up early for, after breakfast, head to the National Park of Tikal, where we find the most important mayan ruins in Guatemala. This resort is home to about 3,000 structures excavated by archaeologists until the time and with a local guide, we will learn about the history of this ancient civilization that inhabited Latin America while we walk through the park. We will be returning in the afternoon and we will have free time to explore Flowers, getting lost in its streets and buildings and colorful houses, and marvel at its unique beauty... not for nothing it was declared a Historic and Cultural Heritage of the Nation. 

Day 8: Up To Bacalar

After breakfast, we will drive to Bacalar, a village in Quintana Roo, Mexico. This village was founded by the maya itza and it was where the Spanish established their most important settlement of the east coast of yucatán. It is without any doubt a magical village that we will have the pleasure of discovering. 

Day 9: Beautiful lagoon of 7 colors

En nuestro noveno día de viaje navegaremos por la Laguna de los Siete Colores, uno de los principales atractivos de Bacalar, cuyo nombre se debe a la diversidad de tonos de azul de sus aguas. En este recorrido visitaremos el Cenote de las Brujas o Cenote Negro, llamado así por la creencia de que en ese lugar los antiguos brujos de la región realizaban diferentes rituales; también conoceremos el Cenote Esmeralda, el segundo de los tres cenotes dentro de la laguna,  con una profundidad de unos 70 metros, para continuar hacia el tercero: el Cenote Cocalitos, conocido así porque se encuentra cerca del balneario del mismo nombre. Continuaremos el tour en la Isla de los Pájaros donde avistaremos una gran diversidad de aves y terminaremos en el Canal del Pirata, que sirvió de acceso para los piratas que entraban a robar en el pasado y es un lugar ideal para disfrutar de un baño refrescante.   

Día 10: Una de las 7 maravillas del mundo: Chichén Itzá

We will depart after breakfast to Chichen Itza, a mayan archaeological site, and nothing more nor nothing less than one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We will visit the ancient city from the hand of a local guide to get to know in depth its history. While we enjoy their legends and curiosities, we will visit the temples of Chichen Itza. Among the most spectacular are the mythical pyramid of Kukulkan and temple of the warriors, decorated with images of war and guarded by a forest of columns. We will have time to tour the area and then we will go to Holbox ferry, the perfect paradise to enjoy the beach. 

Día 11: Disfrutaremos de Holbox

Comenzaremos este día con  un rico desayuno, luego tendremos el día libre para pasarlo como deseemos: disfrutando de las paradisíacas playas de Holbox ya sea descansando en la arena o realizar snorkel. Son muchas las opciones de actividades disponibles para hacer en la zona, así que sin dudas encontrarás una que te llame la atención. 

Day 12: Holbox, a paradise in Mexico

This day trip will be free to enjoy this spectacular island. We recommend a visit to Punta Mosquito, a beach of another world that is also a nature Reserve; without a doubt, this is a must-see attraction. At night, if the conditions are given, one option is to make the tour of bioluminescence, a phenomenon in which the waters of the sea lights up when some microorganisms collide with the waves.

Day 13: We're going to Isla Mujeres

Luego del desayuno comenzaremos nuestro viaje hacia Isla Mujeres, un pequeño paraíso, ideal para practicar deportes acuáticos y desconectarse de todo descansando en sus increíbles playas y nosotros te llevaremos a descubrirlo.

Day 14: Island of isla Mujeres to the letter

Our penultimate day of the trip will be free to spend as we like. The options of activities in this place are not few: we can rest in one of its most famous beaches, or opt for snorkeling to visiting the sculptures underwater near the reef Patches, to the south of the island. We can climb the lighthouse to have the best view of the Caribbean Sea and to appreciate the surrounding cliffs of the Southern Tip and end of the day marveling at a beautiful sunset. 

Day 15: Return to the place of origin

During this day we will be saying goodbye to the travelers who accompanied us during these days of adventure by Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. We will travel from Isla Mujeres to Cancun and from there to the airport. 

Porque lo lindo de volver de viaje es (re)conocernos en lo aprendido. Siempre es importante regresar al lugar de origen para compartir las vivencias, las fotos y las experiencias que hayamos encarnado a lo largo de nuestra estadía.

What's included?

  • Cuatro (02) noches en Playa del Carmen
  • Two (02) nights in San Pedro
  • Three (03) nights in Flowers
  • Una (02) noche en Bacalar
  • Dos (03) noches en Holbox
  • Two (02) nights in Isla Mujeres
  • Fourteen (14) breakfast

It is important to clarify that the accommodation is in a hostel with shared rooms, mixed, only with the group of Voltage. Also, the bathroom is also shared.


  • Land transport Playa del Carmen – Chaak Tun – Playa del Carmen
  • Transfer bimodal Playa del Carmen – Cay Caulker
  • Transfer bimodal Cayo Caulker – Flowers
  • Land transport Flowers – Belize City – Bacalar
  • Land transport Bacalar, Playa del Carmen
  • Transfer bimodal Playa del Carmen – Chichen Itza – Holbox
  • Transfer bimodal Holbox – Cancun – Isla Mujeres
  • Maritime transportation Isla Mujeres – Cancun
  • A (01) tour in Chaak Tun (cenotes)
  • A (01) tour Crater Blue
  • A (01) tour in Tikal National Park
  • A (01) entrance to Tikal National Park
  • A (01) tour in the Lagoon of 7 colors (Bacalar)
  • A (01) tour in Chichén Itzá
  • A (01) entrance to Chichen Itza
  • Travel insurance for us $ 65.000, includes coverage for COVID-19
  • Organization prior and during the trip
  • Coordinator of Voltage during the journey
  • Local guide throughout the trip
  • Advice on the purchase of air tickets

What is not included?

Lunches, snacks and dinners, are for the account of each traveler. You can choose where and with whom to eat. The budget will depend on the type of place, but are generally estimated USD 25-30 per day, including lunch and dinner.

For you to travel in company, we can advise you and give you the information about flights in which he travels the majority of the group of travelers and the team of Voltage. Remember that the first and last day of the itinerary, you can arrive or leave at any time.

El precio estimado de los pasajes aéreos para esta aventura es de USD 750.

The requirement of a visa depends on your nationality, so we have to see each particular case. Contact us to give you information on visas, if necessary.

Coordinates with the group to share or you can buy it separately with us.

Rates of ports and migration:

  • Puerto de entrada a Belice: USD 6
  • Tasa de salida de Belice: USD 60
  • Rate of input and output Mexico: $ 100 (payable in national currency)

Pay in points or immigration ports of entry and exit.

It is customary to tip tour guides and drivers are local.

Everything else that is not specified in the listing

Viaja a Guatemala, Belice y Mexico a disfrutar de la playa y sus mejores atractivos como Chichen Itza o Tikal


Flights needed

Trip requirements

Viaja a Guatemala, Belice y Mexico a disfrutar de la playa y sus mejores atractivos como Chichen Itza o Tikal

Frequently asked questions

It has been deleted recently, the need for PCR testing COVID19 and it is sufficient insurance to cover such a disease as that we included.

  •  Backpack small or medium-sized for the day-to-day
  •  Jacket or waterproof jacket
  •  Hat or cap to cover the neck
  •  Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Footwear with slip-resistant sole
  •  Summer clothes
  •  Adapter plugs

We will stay in hostels with all the necessary amenities, in-room shared only with the group of Voltage. Also, the use of the bathroom is also shared. 

We recommend carrying between 400 to 500 extra dollars for food and other everyday expenses in travel (souvenirs, extra activities, etc)

Those who move back and forth from your country of residence to Cancun. We will recommend you the best option available to you once you have contacted. Remember that the higher the advance you buy your flight, the better will be the price that you can get.

If, if you have any request to diet, food allergies or intolerances in particular, you must indicate this when you contact us prior to your trip. That way we can notify the accommodation for you to do everything possible to meet your needs. It is also important that at the time of the trip to tell your coordinator for your dietary needs.

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