Kenya and Tanzania

Enjoy safaris in the national parks, in addition to the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar!

The treasure of East Africa

In this opportunity we'll take you to get to know the best of East Africa, specifically Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Together with a group of travelers as adventurous as you, we will immerse ourselves in Kenya, participating in safaris to experience the magic and natural wealth of this country, surrounding us unique landscapes and wildlife worthy of respect and admiration. We will spend the night in the spectacular Masai Mara, which stands out for the fauna who dwells there. We will also visit the Lake Nakuru where you will find a large variety of birds in addition to the National park of Amboselli, famous for its herds of elephants and their views of the impressive mount Kilimanjaro.

We go into the savanna to know and admire its fauna, but not only marvel at its biodiversity but also of the cultural richness that we find in this land of traditions. 

Enjoy the panoramic view that will leave us breathless as we continue our journey in Tanzania where we will visit the National Park Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, both destinations are declared heritage of humanity. We will participate in several safaris, where you will see lions, leopards, zebras- and many , many other species of animals living in their natural habitat. We will visit one of the archaeological sites, more prominent: the Olduvai gorge, place it preserves fossils related to human evolution. 

Coming to the end of the trip, we will leave the mainland behind and head for the fascinating and historic island Zanzibarthere we can enjoy their beaches of white sand and turquoise waters, walk through the cobbled streets of the historic Stone Town.

Will be 16 days where you'll be able to explore Africa with all of your senses leaving you trapped by your landscapes and unique wildlife.

Safaris en África, Kenia y Tanzania, y playas de Zanzíbar Océano Índico

3690 USD



+ air

Para reservar tu lugar debes realizar una seña por USD 500

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Day 1: Welcome in Nairobi

Throughout our first day of the itinerary, we will meet with the travelers at the hotel in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. There you can relax, unwind and recover from the trip and prepare for the days of adventure are waiting for us. 

Day 2: On the way to Masai Mara

After breakfast we will travel by private transportation to the Masai Mara National Reserve. We will stop mid-way through the viewpoint of the Great Rift Valley, a fractured geological whose total length is 4830 miles in a north-south direction. Then to marvel with this amazing panoramic view, we will have time for lunch before we continue our trip to the Masai Mara where we alojaremos, but first we will enjoy a delicious coffee, and getting ready to have an afternoon safari in the reserve. During this walk we will have the opportunity to see many of the species that live there, such as zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, impalas, hippos, giraffes and crocodiles. And of course lions, leopards, cheetahs, and hyenas who are at the plains. After the tour we will return to the camp for dinner and the rest of the emotions of the day. 

Day 3: the vastness of the Masai Mara

We will begin our third day of adventure with a delicious breakfast to prepare us for a day of safari in the reserve. We will be able to see one of the sunrises more impressive in addition to continue appreciating part of the fauna that characterizes this paradise called Masai Mara. We will stop to enjoy a picnic in the Lake of Hippos where, in addition to observing this species, if we are lucky we will see crocodiles. In the afternoon, we continue our adventure and visit to the Villa Masai where we will get to know a community that has kept and preserved their original culture, unlike many others that have been affected by westernization, after this meeting, we will return to camp for dinner and recharge for what awaits us.

Day 4: Safari at Sunrise and Lake Nakuru  

We will begin our fourth day taking a safari from very early to be able to see the activity of predators in all their glory, you will also have the happiness to enjoy another sunrise in this special place. After the safari we return to camp for breakfast and aprontarnos before you travel to our next destination: Lake Nakuru National Park. We will stop on the way for lunch. We arrive at the hotel in the evening where we can rest and have dinner.

Day 5: Lake Nakuru National Park

After having breakfast early in the morning, we will head to a full day of adventures and emotions. We'll begin with a safari in Lake Nakuru National Park famous for its large variety of birds that we can see, including flamingos, in addition to the hippos, buffalo and crocodiles from the detached viewpoint Baboon Cliff. At the end of the activity we will embark on our journey to Amboseli National Park, arriving finally to the camp for dinner and rest after a day full of wonders and amazing views.

Day 6: Amboseli National Park

Begin the day with a delicious breakfast to recharge your energies and be ready for a full day of safari at Amboseli National Park. This park is home to zebras, buffaloes, lions, cheetahs, wildebeests, and giraffes, and other animals, and there you will find also large herds of elephants. In addition, if the weather is favourable, we will have exceptional views of mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Since ending the day back to the hotel for dinner and rest. 

Day 7: the Way to Tanzania

After breakfast we prepare to start our trip to Arusha, which is located in the north of Tanzania. We will have lunch on the way and pass through Namanga, a city that divides Kenya Tanzania; there will the immigration to continue towards our destination, and more wonders that we are to live on this trip. Already in Arusha we will be staying in the hotel, have dinner and rest for cause us energy for our next day of adventure.

Day 8: Serengeti National Park

After breakfast, we will meet with the local guides who will accompany us during the day for the Serengeti National Park, declared a world Natural Heritage by UNESCO. On the way we will have lunch and we will arrive at the main gate of the park to start a safari camp. The same will be the start of our contact with the wild life of the heart of Tanzania, treating us this close encounter with the unique fauna that is home to this park, protected as recognized. 

Day 9: Serengeti and Ngorongoro

We will wake up early and after breakfast we will depart to start a safari in the famous Serengeti, protected reserve where you can see elephants, lions, wildebeests, gazelles, impalas, among many other species that inhabit this well-known park, we will enjoy a picnic lunch and we will stop at the Olduvai Gorge, a museum that contains the fossil remains closely linked with human evolution. After the visit, we will travel to the area in conservation in Ngorongoro, where we will camp.

Day 10: Ngorongoro Crater

After a night of rest, we will have breakfast and prepare for a day of excitement, in which we will see landscapes that leave you breathless. We will begin the day with a safari in the Ngorongoro Crater, a world Heritage site. Descend into the crater on a safari pan to get to know this natural wonder; in addition to the spectacular view, also we can admire its fauna: black rhino, lions, leopards, bufalos, elephants, zebras, among other wonderful specimens that gives us this is the only place in the world. We will enjoy lunch during the activity and after the same back to Arusha for a rest in the hotel.

Day 11: the Road to Zanzibar

Then after a delicious breakfast we will drive to the airport to take our flight to Zanzibar, an island located in the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Once we land we will drive to the north of Zanzibar, to Kendwa more specifically, a fishing village where we will stay. We will have the afternoon free to rest and enjoy its beautiful beaches of white sand and turquoise water. 

Day 12: what Kendwa or paradise?

Day 12 of our journey, we will have time to enjoy the scenery of the film of the island, with its beaches, turquoise sea, palm trees, and white sand. You can enjoy a magical sunset and feel in paradise.

Day 13: Kendwa to taste

We will have the day free to explore to taste the area; continue to enjoy its spectacular beaches, get to know the place in greater depth through a walk, leaving us surrounded by the nature or to perform some other activity that there are offers.

Day 14: Paraiso to the letter

This will be our last day in Kendwa. We will be able to relax in one of its beautiful beaches, go for a ride in one of the nearby towns, or take advantage of the free time for an optional tour.

Day 15: City of stone

After breakfast we will have a few free hours to go said goodbye to this beautiful spot in the world. We aprontaremos to take a trip to Stone Town, Mji Mkongwe, in swahili, or the City of Stone in Spanish, the old part of the capital of Zanzibar. The same was declared a world Heritage site in the year 2000, and in it we find influences of arab, indian and african. There we will enjoy a caminatour to know all its secrets and its hidden alleys. We can walk around the Market Darahani, visit the old slave market, to know the old fort, the oldest building of Zanzibar... even we can know the house where he was born Freddie Mercury. In this way we will give a finishing touch to our adventure we will be given the experiences more interesting and unforgettable.

Día 16: Regresar al lugar de origen

Because a great trip is to (re)know each other on what they had learned. It is always important to return to the place of origin to share experiences, photos, and experiences that we have embodied throughout our stay. During this day we will be saying farewell to Africa and embark on the return journey to our countries of origin.

What's included?

  • One (01) night in Hotel Nairobi
  • Two (02) nights in Camp Masai Mara
  • A (01) Hotel night in Lake Nakuru
  • Two (02) nights in a Hotel at Amboseli National Park
  • Two (02) nights at the Hotel, Arusha
  • One (01) night in Camp Serengeti
  • One (01) night in Camp Ngorongoro Crater
  • Four (04) nights in Hotel in Kendwa (Zanzibar)
  • One (01) night at Hotel in Stone Town (Zanzibar)
  • Quince (15) desayunos
  • Nine (09) lunch (safari)
  • Seven (07) dinner (safari)
  • A (01) a liter of water per day (during the safaris)

It is important to clarify that the accommodation is in hotel and camp shared mixed, only with the group of Voltage.


  • Land transfer Nairobi – Masai Mara National Reserve
  • Land transport Masai Mara National Reserve – Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Land transport National Park, Lake Nakuru – Amboseli National Park
  • Land transport National Park Amboseli – Arusha
  • Land transport Arusha – Serengeti National Park – Arusha
  • Land transport Serengeti National Park – Ngorongoro Crater
  • Land transport Kendwa – Stone Town
  • Safari Masai Mara National Reserve
  • A (01) tour Masai Village
  • Safari In Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Safari water in Lake Naivasha
  • Safari To Amboseli National Park
  • Safari Serengeti National Park
  • Safari Ngorongoro Crater
  • A (01) caminatour in Stone Town
  • Travel insurance for us $ 65.000. Includes coverage for COVID-19
  • Organization prior and during the trip
  • Coordinator of Voltage during the journey
  • Local guide throughout the trip
  • Advice on the purchase of air tickets

What is not included?

Meals that are not mentioned are for the account of each traveler. You can choose where and with whom to eat. The budget will depend on the type of place, but are generally estimated USD 60 per day (Zanzibar), including lunch and dinner.

For you to travel in company, we can advise you and give you the information about flights in which he travels the majority of the group of travelers and the team of Voltage. Remember that the first and last day of the itinerary, you can arrive or leave at any time.

Coordinates with the group to share or you can buy it separately with us.

La exigencia de visado para ingresar a Kenia y Tanzania dependerá de tu nacionalidad:

  • Nacionalidad argentina
    • Requiere visa para Kenia
    • Requiere visa para Tanzania
  • Nacionalidad española
    • Requiere visa para Kenia
    • Requiere visa para Tanzania
  • Nacionalidad italiana
    • Requiere visa para Kenia
    • Requiere visa para Tanzania
  • Nacionalidad uruguaya
    • Requiere visa para Kenia
    • Requiere visa para Tanzania

El visado lo tramita Volate, previa presentación de la documentación y pago de cada viajero. El precio de la visa es el siguiente:

  • Kenia: USD 51 + tasas
  • Tanzania: USD 51 + tasas

Si posees otra nacionalidad te sugerimos que nos consultes

It is customary to tip tour guides and drivers are local.

Everything else that is not specified in the listing

Safaris en África, Kenia y Tanzania, y playas de Zanzíbar Océano Índico


Flights needed

Trip requirements

Safaris en África, Kenia y Tanzania, y playas de Zanzíbar Océano Índico

Frequently asked questions

Yes, both to enter Kenya, as well as to Tanzania with uruguayan passport it is necessary to apply for a visa, each with a cost of 51 USD + tax. We handle the process for you. 

  •  Backpack small or medium-sized for the day-to-day
  •  Cubremochilas waterproof
  •  Jacket or waterproof jacket and warm
  •  Hat or cap to cover the neck
  •  Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  •  Comfortable shoes
  •  Clothing, light and quick-drying
  •  Adapter plugs

We will be staying in both hotels as well as in camps. Most of the camps consist of tents equipped with beds with the exception of one of them, in which there are tents traditional (for two people). 

We estimate an average of between 500-600 USD for food expenses. You can take an additional for other expenses, such as souvenir shopping.

You'll need those flights that you move from your country of residence to Nairobi on the way to and from Zanzibar to your country of residence to the back. You'll also need an internal flight from Arusha to Zanzibar, for the 11th day of our itinerary. We will recommend the best options once we have contacted. Remember that the higher the advance you buy your flight, the better will be the price that you can get.

If, if you have any request to diet, food allergies or intolerances in particular, you must indicate this when you contact us prior to your trip. That way we can notify the accommodation for you to do everything possible to meet your needs. It is also important that at the time of the trip to tell your coordinator for your dietary needs.

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