Before you travel

We know how important it is for you to immerse yourself in the adventure of traveling, that's why we want to give you this space so that you know how our trips and you can discover if this mode of travel is for you.

On an adventure trip it is important to have a travel philosophy in which the adaptability, positive thinking and constructive are the pillars. We know that situations can arise unfavorable; as booking an accommodation that we do not like, or having to suspend an activity by storms or torrential rains. In the background we have to be clear that those little unforeseen events are part of this type of experiences.

In any of our experiences you will experience emotions, and exchanges with various
people, that is why it is important that during the entire journey is to maintain a positive attitude, patient, and that all we can to show a spirit of mutual aid.

We firmly believe in a form of travel that is respectful of the environment and the cultures we visited, solidarity and contribute to the development of local economies.

Always travel with a coordinator

The coordinator is a traveller most of the group, he will be who will lead and manage the organization of the same. It is not in your functions make a guide, or give explanations about the places that we visited, for this task in every activity we will have local guides that will teach us about the place. Travel coordinator will be like to travel with a group of friends, but knowing and having the assurance that someone knows the destination, the route and knows how to perform perfectly in place.

Active travelers

Part of our adventurous spirit is that you learn to manage your account because that is part of a group of travelers you'll have an active role within it; you will have the right to comment, and you will be able to collaborate and propose things for everything to go forward. Don't forget to pay attention to the advice of the coordinator as not we'll take you hand in hand all the time.

Travelling in a group

You will live experiences, you'll discover places and share emotions with people that initially will be unknown, and that can be very different to you, but from our experience we ensure that these trips are generated friendships that can last a lifetime. Don't forget to make a trip of adventure is an experience full of emotions that you will remember for the rest of your life.


We focus on the experience, the comfort. You must have in mind that the experience will compensate for the lack of luxuries. We run away from the major hotel chains, we will stay in places that are simple and economic, where we'll share rooms hostels or inns with the rest of the travelers group. By our experience, we know that the more united is a group, the experience is much more nice.

Activities that leave footprints

We know that the activities are those that give meaning to the trip, and that without them, the experience will not be the same. Beyond the most popular courses, we will take you to the less known of every place we visit, we will make you to integrate with the local people to get you wet its culture, its gastronomy and its philosophy of life.

Sustainability and culture

It is hoped that the travel we meet with customs and traditions very different from our own, which sometimes can surprise us. In this connection it is very important to maintain the respect for local customs and try to understand where they are coming from to get a better experience, and a greater understanding of the cultural diversity that is home to the world. On the other hand, we must be aware that our adventures unfold in the natural environment, and therefore, respect for the environment and nature, is fundamental to all activities that are carried out.