Sierra de la Ventana

I surround yourself in the stunning scenery of the Sierra de la Ventana!

Discover the nature in the Province of Buenos Aires

Did you know that in the Province of Buenos Aires is a highly attractive target for the lovers of nature and adventure? This destination is nothing more and nothing less than Sierra de la Ventana. There we will live a few days emotionally-charged where we will be surrounded by a few amazing landscapes

We will depart from the city of Buenos Aires to get to our destination located in the Sierras Australes of the South of buenos Aires. we give away attractive wonderful as hills and natural swimming pools that you will discover after you perform different trekkings. 

If you like adventure, to live different experiences and you want to leave the routine of side in addition to connecting with a beautiful natural environment, without a doubt, this trip is for you.

Descubre las Sierras de la Ventana en la Provincia de Buenos Aires en un trekking grupal


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Descubre las Sierras de la Ventana en la Provincia de Buenos Aires en un trekking grupal

Day 1: Road to Sierra de la Ventana

On our first day, we will meet in the evening in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the terminal of Retirement to address our transportation to the destination of the Sierra de la Ventana is located in the southwest of the Province of Buenos Aires. 

Day 2: The footprints of the first settlers

Very early in the morning we arrive at our destination where we will enjoy a rich breakfast. After settling into our accommodation, we depart in direction to the Natural Reserve of Big Hills where we will trek for demanding a half to get to the caves where we will see the rock art, the mark of the first settlers of the area. At the end of this activity back to the hostel to rest and enjoy the peace and harmony of the sierras.

Day 3: Climbing the Cerro Window

We will begin our third day early, because after breakfast we will depart to target the Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park, specifically to the Sector Base of the Hill Window. We will trek that we will be invited to walk a path towards a point, in which far from complete our journey, the nature present us with one of his masterpieces: The window or Cashuatí (1100 m.s.n.m.) as the name given by the indigenous people, where we will start a spiritual journey that will invite us to contemplate the vastness and simplicity of the things that surround us.

Day 4: The highest point 

Our fourth day will be spent to make a great adventure: climb to the top of the Hill, Three Peaks, the highest point of the province of Buenos Aires with 1239 metres of height above the level of the sea; to complete this feat, we will trek for demanding high that will take us most of the day. Enjoy the mountain landscape and of this magnificent formation of about 400 million years old. Once you have finished the activity, we will return to our accommodation for a rest from a day of effort, and emotions.

Day 5: The magnificent pools natural

Like the previous days, we'll begin our day with a rich breakfast, and then we will with the target Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park. We will begin our trek at the base of the Cerro Window, but we will continue by a stream that flows into a spectacular natural pools formed by the rocks of the hill. There we will have time to enjoy a refreshing swim and to appreciate the scale of the environment that surrounds us. When we finish the activity, we will return to our accommodation to prepare for the journey back to the city of Buenos Aires, which will be for the night.

Day 6: Farewell

Because a great trip is to (re)know each other on what they had learned. It is always important to return to the place of origin to share experiences, photos, and experiences that we have embodied throughout our stay. On our last day we arrive to the terminal of Retirement and later we will go to the marine terminal.

What's included?

  • Three (03) nights in Sierra de la Ventana
  • Four (04) breakfast

It is important to clarify that the rooms are shared mixed exclusively with the group of Voltage. 

  • Land transport Buenos Aires – Sierra de la Ventana
  • Internal transfers in Sierra de la Ventana
  • Land transfer Sierra de la Ventana Buenos Aires


  • A (01) trekking Rock Art – 8 km in total
  • A (01) trekking to Hill of the Window – 7 km in total
  • A (01) trek to Cerro Tres Picos – 14 km in total
  • A (01) trekking to the Walls Roses and Pools Natural – 7 km in total
  • Travel insurance for us $ 65.000, includes coverage for COVID-19
  • Organization prior and during the trip
  • Coordinator of Voltage during the journey
  • Advice on the purchase of tickets maritime

What is not included?

Lunches, snacks and dinners, are for the account of each traveler. You can choose where and with whom to eat. The budget will depend on the type of place, but are generally estimated USD 20-25 per day, including lunch and dinner.

For you to travel in company, we can advise you and provide you with the information of the regions that you are buying the majority of the group of travelers and the team of Voltage. Remember that the first and last day of the itinerary, you can arrive or leave at any time.

The requirement of a visa depends on your nationality, so we have to see each particular case. Contact us to give you information on visas, if necessary.

Coordinates with the group to share or you can buy it separately with us.

It is customary to tip tour guides and drivers are local.

Everything else that is not specified in the listing


Tickets required

Trip requirements

Descubre las Sierras de la Ventana en la Provincia de Buenos Aires en un trekking grupal

Frequently asked questions

  •  Backpack small or medium-sized for the day-to-day
  •  Jacket or waterproof jacket
  •  Hat or cap
  • Sunglasses
  •  Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  •  Hiking boots or running shoes mountain
  •  Adapter plugs

We will stay in hostels with all the necessary amenities, in-room shared only with the group of Voltage. Also, the use of the bathroom is also shared

We recommend carrying between 200 to 300 extra dollars for food and other everyday expenses in travel (souvenirs, extra activities, etc)

Those who move back and forth from your country of residence to Buenos Aires. We will recommend you the best option available to you once you have contacted. 

If, if you have any request to diet, food allergies or intolerances in particular, you must indicate this when you contact us prior to your trip. That way we can notify the accommodation for you to do everything possible to meet your needs. It is also important that at the time of the trip to tell your coordinator for your dietary needs.

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